all these guys on tumblr are so sweet and stuff, how do I get hit on? “Oh, your tits are really big” like, LOL oh thnxs. -.-

I begged my mom to let you in when you were pregnant,

and your thanks is fucking over me and my mother? You’re not my best friend, I don’t know who you are. You’re worthless. I hate you, I hate your mother, I hate your father, I only love your little sister Michaela. She has more morals then you do, and she’s 13. You’re pathetic. But it’s okay, you know why? Karma’s a bitch.

i’m gonna start being a stone-cold bitch. fuck it.

I’m sitting here watching the cheetah girls 2, and I’m just like wondering… does anyone remember when the girls had meat on their bones, and you felt semi-okay about yourself, now comparing yourself to the girls on there now, you feel like a fucking whale, and at least the old Disney made you have realistic hair expectations, and when they showed the struggles of an orphan and her friends helped out and she worked her ass off to get good clothes, now you’ll see the “poor” girls rocking studded heels. it’s fucking ridiculous I swear.